Xbox 360 Elite – the Best Gaming Console on the Market


Xbox 360 Elite, which is the flagship of the 360 console. Not only will I tell you why I think it is the best, but I’ll tell you the cheapest place you can get it.

Video gaming was revolutionized with the creation of the Xbox 360 thanks to a team of developers working hard to combine the right technology at the right price. Who would have ever thought we could live without HD video gaming and 5.1 Surround Sound with which you can hear every single little nuance of a game’s audio environment.

The Xbox 360 looks so good on an HD TV that I’ve often had friends ask me what game was on when I was playing Madden. They literally thought that I was watching a real sporting event when I was actually playing the Xbox. This system is so smooth that there are never any glitches or freezing unlike other gaming systems.

The Xbox 360 Elite boasts a huge hard drive of 120GB, which is capable of storing an endless amount of game demos, videos, skins, and music all without you needing to save space for your saved games. It also comes with a black matte finish wireless controller, which means no more of the dog tripping on the controller and yanking it out of your hand during a boss battle.

You can also use it to your advantage to play from anywhere the wireless connection will reach. As if you needed any more reason to buy the Xbox 360 Elite, it also comes with a black matte finish headset so you can talk to your friends online via Xbox Live as you dominate them in a first person shooter like Call of Duty 4 or in a FIFA 2009 match. The system also comes with an HDMI port and cable so you can take full advantage of the HD resolution that the Xbox 360 offers.

The games for the 360 are the best on the market and you can find the most variety of any game system thanks to the fact that this was the first modern gaming console released on the market. Game developers have been spending years perfecting the design and implementation of their games on the Xbox 360. As a result, you ‘ve got the best graphics, sounds, and game play on the market. When I say that the Xbox 360 is a cutting edge console gaming system, I am not joking!

The Xbox 360 Elite also features a Windows Live software setup that allows you to stream audio and video from your home PC or laptop meaning that the Xbox 360 functions as a home entertainment system as well. You don’t need a DVD player anymore either, since this bad boy can do it all on its own. The prices of Xbox 360 are as cheap as they’ve ever been and now is the perfect time to get one so that you can start enjoying high definition, crisp gaming that is the best on the planet.

The 360 Elite is the best of the best and there is no way you could get bored with this system.


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