Worm and Encryption Technology in Lto4 Ultrium Tape Format


The LTO-4 backup data tape format gives top performance with data transfer rate up to 120 Megabytes/second. LTO-4 tape format also has the latest “write once read many” WORM technology along with the most powerful and advanced feature of “data encryption”. The tape drives of LTO-4 have the advanced AES-256 “data encryption” technology. The fourth generation backup tape format is backward compatible with the third and second generation of LTO tape format. The LTO technology provides cost effective and efficient data storage and archiving solutions for data center and mid range enterprises.

It is the need and increasing demand of the data centers that there should be data storage medium with high capacity and fast data transfer rate. The LTO4 tape format meets the above stated requirements and secures the investment done by the enterprises.

The first generation LTO1 was introduced in the year 2000 that had 100GB (native capacity). After two years, the next generation of LTO tape format LTO-2 was launched with double the capacity of LTO-1 tape format. LTO-3 tape format came into the market in 2004 having 400 GB native and 800GB compressed storage capacity. Therefore, single drive of LTO3 format has capacity to backup at 576 GB/hour.

The LTO4 data tape format came into the market in early 2007 and has the latest innovative features and technologies to improve the performance of overall data backup operations. The LTO-4 tape format has throughput of 120 MB/second, therefore, it has the ability to fulfill the requirements of the modern data centre. It is cost saving tape version because of its reading & writing compatibility with the third generation LTO3 and reading compatibility with 2nd generation LTO 2 tape format.

Because of the 1.6 Terabyte (compressed capacity), the LTO4 can effectively backup the 1 Terabyte drives. LTO4 tape drive has the ability to backup data at 864 GB/hr. Data center can restore & backup multiple Terabytes of data/hr with the help of Multi drive library. Data center can deliver the results having (MTBF) Mean time between failures of 250,000 hours at hundred percent duty cycle by using fiber channel, SAS or ultra SCSI.

Inside the LTO4 tape cartridge is a “memory chip”. LTO-4 format has other additional features of “security information”, “system health” and redundant “file log” that increases the overall performance. Like LTO3, LTO-4 has the WORM technology and has the additional data encryption technology of AES-256 bit. LTO-4 tape format has the encryption feature that helps the data center to secure the valuable information from data loss or theft. Data encryption feature of LTO-4 saves the time and additional cost on the encryption appliances that increase the management complexity.

According to the roadmap of the fifth version of LTO tape format “LTO 5” will be available by the year 2009 which will have 3.2 TB (compressed capacity) with data transfer speed of 360 MB/second. Research work is also being done on the sixth generation LTO6 tape format. The LTO-6 tape format is expected to offer 6.4 TB (compressed capacity) and 540 MB/second of data transfer speed.

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