Top 3 External Hard Drives Of 2011


1TB hard drives would be the new standard for external hard drives. If you’re in the market to get a high quality exterior storage, study on for important critiques in the three highest-rated exterior drives in 2011.
The three top-selling 1TB hard drives of 2011 will be the 1TB Western Digital WD Aspects, the 1TB Iomega Prestige as well as the 1TB LaCie d2 Quadra HD.

1) Western Digital WD Aspects 1 TB SB two. Desktop Exterior HD

The Western Digital drive delivers rewards that far outweigh the costs. Expand your Pc or Mac’s storage inside a snap by plugging on this drive to a USB port. It is a high-speed plug-and-play drive inside of a resilient metal situation that is certainly sturdy and compact – creating this a great selection should you journey extensively. Use this drive to back up your files, music, movies and photos by simply dragging and dropping. There’s no application or person manual that comes with your buy, but it is not really necessary for you personally to possess possibly as a way to make use of the drive.

two) Iomega Prestige one TB USB 2. Desktop External HD

If you’re searching for the most effective mixture of price tag and functionality, examine out the Iomega drive. It is a fashionable aluminum drive having a built-in stand. You can backup all of your info safely on this drive, and you also get Pattern Micro Net Security – downloaded from your net and incorporated if you acquire this hard drive. The extended 3 yr warranty once you register this product, which itself tells you that this really is a high-quality products. It is a portable plug-and-play drive that is easy to get with you within the transfer.

three) LaCie d2 Quadra HD one TB USB two./FireWire 400/800/eSATA Desktop Exterior HD

This hot hard disc is also tremendous great – produced by renowned designer Neil Poulton, this aluminum LaCie hard drive features a ridged exterior that improves the cooling effectiveness with the drive. If you’re seeking a professional HD, this a single is it. You get a 6-pin Firewire 400 port, a large speed USB port that performs with USB, an eSATA 3 GB port, 2 FireWire 800 ports (2 pin) plus a d2 Quadra which consists of high-speed multimedia packages and broad connectivity.

Even though it is a compact merchandise, it might store actually millions of images, up to seventy hours of DV video or virtually 400,000 music tracks. It’s a lot more high-priced than other drives, but the extra expense is really worth it. This drive operates silently, so there is no disturbance; the unobtrusive blue light lets you know no matter whether the drive is on or not.

These are the finest three external storage drives of 2011. In case you need a lot more information about these challenging drives visit


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