Top 10 Gifts For A Teenage Son/boy For A Birthday/christmas Gift – Does Your Teenager Want Xbox/ipod Or Wii?


Top 10 gifts to buy a teenage son or boy for Christmas, choosing gifts is going to be easy this year as long as you are a wealthy person. But if you are finding this year hard to find nice gifts for your teenage son/boy well I am sure your not the only one. The problem with buying gifts whether it be Christmas gifts or birthday gifts for teenage boys is, there is so much out there they want and yet so much expense involved. You ask a teenager what gift they would like to receive and I bet your bottom dollar it won’t be under $50, and that’s how the manufacturers of the products get us parents and relatives because they know we don’t have much choice to pay that amount for a gift that is the top 10 in a list of most wanted presents.

Well here are the top 10 gifts for teenage boys they will appreciate and want for a birthday/xmas:

Teenage boys

  • Nintendo Xbox 360 console or sony playstation 3 will keep the teenage boys entertained with any of these two gifts for birthday/Xmas.
  • Apple Ipod, all lads like listening to music and with an Ipod they can keep themselves amused on the go, and give themselves a headache instead of us parents telling them to turn the music down in there rooms.
  • DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable, so for the wannabe dj’s out there this is a great gift and can be bought for the Xbox, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii.
  • If your teenager likes going out with his mates to the skate park then a skate board would be an idea, and also you can get knee and elbow pads so theres no unwanted trips to the hospital.
  • Apple iphone is a must have for a teenager, these are one of the latest mobile phones out and your teenage son can interact with friends on facebook, twitter and other social networks.
  • Concert tickets to see there favourite band like nickleback, foo fighters or kings of leon are great bands for the teenagers of today and, maybe even get back stage passes that would be a birthday/Christmas to remember for them.
  • We all know lads are always watching action films because their favourite actor is starring in it well this could be an idea to get the latest released action movie on dvd.
  • Does your teenager support a football/soccer team or baseball team then a nice gift idea for christmas would be the latest kit out, so whilst they are watching the game they can show their support by wearing the kit.
  • Depending on the age of the teenager then if they are old enough maybe pay for some driving lessons and then this may give them the kick start they need to pass there test, then you wont have to be the taxi, ferrying them round everywhere.
  • A watch is a good gift to give and then they never have the excuse to be late anymore, unless their smart enough to put the time back and use this as the reason for their lateness.

So I hope there are many ideas for your son/boys birthday/Christmas gifts for Xmas and if he receives any of these top 10 then, I am sure you will have a happy teenager on their birthday or Christmas day and it will be enjoyed by all.


Source by Emma D