IBM Introduce New Data Storage Media – LTO 5 Tape



The year 2010 is a year of new challenges to the storage industries. New requirements for the stored data requires to be lasting, affordable and reliable; to large file data exchange needs where solutions must be easy to use, be durable, have an open standard, set up for long term and be a green solution.

The 5th generation IBM of LTO technology has been designed to provide higher capacity.

IBM, an efficient data storage devices, leading developer of storage industries, has developed new generation TS2350 LTO-5 drive. This newly designed IBM LTO 5 tape drive delivers unmatched data at an affordable price. IBM has included innovative features in the TS2350 LTO-5 drive that has enhanced its cost effectiveness. These new modern features include; long terms file storage and media partitioning systems. IBM TS2350 tape drive continues to support the advantageous WORM and data encryption operations. At 2:1 density, the maximum capacity of LTO-5 IBM tape reaches 3 TB. Superior features of IBM TS2350 drive assists the data administrators to efficiently meet the compliance requirements. IBM LTO-5 drive secures your data onto the backup tape with its outstanding encryption capability.

The new LTO 5 generation includes:


The new LTO-5 cartridges, that offers 88% of greater capacity than the previous generation and hence reducing the number of cartridges, saving spaces of your back ups.

Power Saving:

The IBM LTO 5 has the most remarkable power savings than any other previous generation.

Enhanced Performance:

Faster throughput drives, expanded speed matching, and increased data buffer size are some of the features that provide a more powerful and capable back up solution. IBM LTO 5 technology has been designed to improve overall performance and extended cartridge life.


The IBM LTO 5 drive helps address submission requirements with its continued WORM (write once, read many) and Encryption capability.

Media partitioning capability:

Two media partitions on LTO 5 cartridge allows faster data access.

Outstanding investment protection:

LTO standards-compatibility helps offer long-term tape infrastructure investment protection. Provides the capability to Read/Write Ultrium 4 and read Ultrium 3 cartridges.


Source by Tim Jerry