How to Repair Xbox 360 When There is a DVD Drive Problem


Is your Xbox freezing during games or are you receiving the dirty disc error screen on your television? If so, the problem you are experiencing has to do with your DVD drive. While you can always purchase a replacement drive, you can save loads of money repairing it. So the question on everyone’s minds is how to repair Xbox 360 when experiencing this problem.

The number one rule to keep in mind is to not blow canned air into the drive without opening it. You may have read somewhere else that this is the solution, but it will actually make matters worse. All you will be doing is assuring that the dust will be redistributed evenly inside the drive.   

As you wonder how to repair Xbox 360, you will find there are actually a few basic steps that can solve your DVD drive problem. The first step is to use a standard CD/DVD cleaner. You can purchase this at many retail stores that sell Xbox 360 or at any video game store. This cleaner looks like a normal CD but with two small brushes on them. The benefit to this is that it is only going to clean the lens.   

Your second step for how to repair Xbox 360 is to use the information given to you to figure out what drive you are working with. You need to figure out the manufacturer of your Xbox DVD drive and complete the tear down tutorials. Some of the manufacturers you may be working with include Thomson, Phillips, Laser Installation, or Samsung.Once you have determined the manufacturer and completed the tear down tutorials, your next step is to clean the lens and mirror manually. 

This is where it is beneficial to have read and completed the tear down tutorials.   Next, you are going to adjust the potentiometer on the laser. Lastly, replace the laser in the DVD drive with the replacement you laser you purchase from Samsung, Phillips or Thompson. Although it may seem a bit extreme, it is actually a fairly easy process if you follow the steps closely.  

When looking at how to repair Xbox 360 when there is a DVD drive problem, you will find that you can purchase an entire new drive for your system. However, there are quality instructions on the internet that can help you repair the system on your own. It is a simple process that can be done fairly quickly.


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