How to Repair E74 Error on Xbox 360


Since the release of the Xbox 360 in 2005, the console has been plagued with problems, from e74 errors through to the full red ring of death. Lets talk about the e74 error.

The e74 Error on the Xbox 360 can be easily repaired even though it may seem terminal. Usually an e74 error can be identified when there is a flashing red light on the lower right quarter of the indicator light. Sometimes it is known as the 1 red ring of death or just the flashing red light. Usually several error messages will appear in multiple languages. Commonly the reason for the error is an video/video fault or a direct result of hardware malfunction.

The first mistake you shouldn’t make is to panic. This is an error that can be easily fixed and does not require you to send the console back to Microsoft. The problem with this is that if the system is older than a few years old you will need to pay several hundred dollars to have this fixed. Also it can usually take several months to have the item fixed and sent back to you in time.

The next mistake you shouldn’t make is to wrap the system in a towel. The wrapping in a towel method is designed to overheat your system and force it into a restart, restoring the default setting. This does not work as an e74 repair as the problem is not a heating one. Your attempts to do this will be detrimental to fixing the unit.

There are many cheap kits you can purchase which will show you how to fix the e74 error in under and hour. This is a much better option compared to sending it out to Microsoft and the time and effort involved. Purchasing one of these kits is straight forward and often the fix is guaranteed to work.


Source by Cameron Hill

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