How to Fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error


How to Fix the E74 Error

So there you are, 10 minutes from finally beating Halo 3, when all of a sudden your graphics start to glitch, your sound starts cutting in and out and then – nothing. A black screen showing only the characters E74 fills your screen, and a single red light gleams ominously from your Xbox 360 console. If your hands are currently shaking as you remember a similar situation happening to you recently, fear not – for you were not alone. But what is the best xbox 360 e74 error repair?

This occurrence has devastated hundreds of Xbox 360 gamers over the last couple of months leaving many search frantically for an xbox 360 e74 error repair. Many Xbox 360 owners fear that this is going to be the new Red Ring of Death, while others stand resolute in their claims that the E74 error is simply the Red Ring of Death presenting with different symptoms. Thankfully, there are a couple of different routes you can take to fix this frustrating error. Oddly enough, these solutions may bring about a sense of déjà vu for many of the Xbox fans who suffered from the effects of the Red Ring of Death.

One thing you can do is send the entire console off to Microsoft. In the last month or so, Microsoft has agreed to cover all Xbox 360 consoles that present with the E74 error under their three-year warranty. There are two downsides to having Microsoft fix this problem for you. The first is that you have to pay for shipping, which can get expensive (especially when Microsoft doesn’t fix the problem the first time around).The second is that Microsoft tends to replace the damaged parts with the exact same models as were previously there. This means that there’s a very good chance you will have the same problem later on down the road.

The only other solution for the xbox 360 e74 error repair is to fix the problem yourself. There are many repair guides available online that will explain step by step how to fix this with parts available for order online. The one downside to this is that by opening up your Xbox 360 console, you automatically void your warranty through Microsoft. For those whose warranty has already expired, this is going to be the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to get your Xbox 360 fixed.


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