Desk Organization – A Fresh Start: Organize Your Work Space


Having your creative work space set up is foundational to being productive on greater levels. When certain conditions are present, you can become more attracted to the space and drawn there naturally. It also allows greater accomplishment as you are able to focus on your magic with all your tools at hand.

Here are some step-by-step tips I’ve found that help me be my best:

Totally Reorganize/Pre-Organize.

Clear out your old stuff to create space.
To get started, freshen up your area. Schedule an evening or weekend to box old files or shred them. Simplify and let go of what you don’t need and haven’t looked at for years. Only keep current files in one central box or cabinet that is easily accessible and near your workspace. Think bigger than you ever have before. Create a tornado effect followed by the world’s best clean up/restructuring crew.

“Next to the dog, the wastebasket is your best friend.”
~B.C. Forbes

Set up your master work space.

Put everything that you need to use daily within arms reach.
Make it so that you don’t need to get up too often or interrupt your work flow. Things that you use weekly or less often can be a little farther out. Leave them out of eye range to create a feeling of spaciousness and reduce eye clutter.

Organize your work flow system.
Move in to an organized system that allows you to be fully productive and aware of where everything is. Ditch the system that only you can figure out.

Have these four boxes or slots be on your desk or within reach:

Top: Inbox.
Everything that comes in goes directly in here. Empty it out at least once a day. From your inbox, things can transfer to one of the other files. Do not leave anything in your inbox. (It can be done!) Once you’ve touched it, don’t put it back. At least move it to one of the boxes mentioned below. The same should be done for all types of messages that come in including voice mails.

Second: Processing.
This is just like what you are using your inbox for right now. Have one processing file on your desk for things you will work on this week. Anything that isn’t on the schedule for this week should be moved down to one of the other boxes.

Only things you need today should be on your desk. Keep your desk free from clutter and excess. A clear mind allows more focus. Review your processing file and reschedule associated activities during your Organization Session on Sunday or Monday each week.

Third: Org Sesh.
Put items in here that you do not need to look at during this week. Sit down once a week during your Organization Session and go through this box to keep in touch with all that’s going on. Take time out once a week to schedule these activities – rather than taking time out each day to reorganize. It is much more efficient and frees you up to trust things will be handled and will all fit in.

Bottom: Follow Up.
These are items that are not urgent but that should be followed up on next month. On the first Organization Session of each month, go through this box.

Additional Spaces to Set Up to Facilitate Your Flow:

Reading Nooks.
Keep a SMALL collection of things you want to read in areas around your living spaces that prompt you to pause and read. Create reading nooks that are physical reminders each day to sit and read. Make each a fun place to visit. Areas to place selected reading material include: the bathroom, kitchen table, couch area, near your bed, etc. If the reading material keeps growing and you never read them, move some to a library or forward to friends (circulate). If you have too many, you will never start reading. Prioritize!

A “To Be Filed” File.
In your file cabinet, create a first file that is “To File”. Once a quarter or so file its contents and empty it out. Don’t let things gather here too long. An organized file cabinet is most beneficial. This will strengthen the core of your foundation. Sorting your physical work helps clear these things from your subconscious also, clearing your mind. This can provide incredible amounts of healing and closure. Get blank folders, make new files, organize them by groups and colors, and get very involved. This is very representative of where you are at with your work. A dependable and creative system will support the success of your work.

Create a place to retreat to that is nourishing. Ideally you should have a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing center in your home. These should be spaces that are inviting to visit and prompt your attention to yourself. A great start is an altar that you may retreat to for solace and rest breaks for nourishment and connection.

For more wonderful inspiration on design, I recommend any of the books on Vastu Living written by Kathleen Cox. Her talent is to create interior environments that appeal to us visually and viscerally—they appeal to the mind, body, and soul through applying ancient wisdom.


Danielle Marie Crume


Source by Danielle Marie Crume