3 Hot Video Games You Should Rent for Xbox 360


Which Video Games You Should Rent for Xbox 360?

Left 4 Dead 2 is a console video game of the shooter genre which is built for the Xbox 360 platform. This is a co-operative action horror FPS which includes all the good things about its predecessor and much more. It has more weapons, more enemies, and more ways o kill the enemies. This game takes you to world where there are virus infected people who have turned into flesh eating zombies. In this game there are four survivors and there are 20 new weapons which will help you shoot, slug and even saw through zombies. The player will have to fight for his survival in 5 campaigns in each one there will be a new type of enemy. This game will cost you $59.99 to buy where as will cost you only $8.95 to rent it if you are renting from GameFly for the first time.

3 Hot Video Games

Assassins Creed 2: In the first Assassins Creed, the player was made to encounter the Crusades. In the sequel, the player is made to go on a crusade of his own. A noble from Italy by the name of Ezio Auditore da Firenze witnesses the hanging of his father and vows revenge. Then the player enters into the dynamic and open renaissance world where every person that you come across asks you to decide. You can either blend in or you can engage the enemy with consequences. In the two most beautiful cities of Venice and Florence, you will be a master assassin and will have to commit the most heinous of acts. To get help with gadgets and weapons, you’ll have Leonardo Da Vinci for your assistance. This game can be bought for $59.99. This game can also be rented for a price of $8.95.

Halo 3: ODST: after the success of the first two Halo games, this game will surely be as good as the previous two. In this sequel, there is a new hero. The player dons the role of an ODST or Orbital Drop Shock Trooopers who is to be on a mission that starts with a jump into the place New Mombasa with the aim to investigate the Covenant attack which ruined the city. ODSTs who are also known as Hell Jumpers are the first to enter hostile land and use comparatively more stealth than the Spartan compatriots. This Halo episode contains all the new campaigns, co-operative game plays. This game includes up to 24 multi-player maps for Halo3. This game can be bought for $ 59.99 and can also be rented for $8.95.


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